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Wine Country & Weller’s Bay

County Vacation Properties in Wine Country, Lake Consecon and Weller’s Bay

Consecon House – Sleeps 9 – $2300 / week
Gilead Farmhouse – Sleeps 7 – $1600 / week
Hillier Farmhouse – Sleeps 5 – $2000 / week
Lakeside Retreat – Sleeps 6 – $1600 / week
Little White Farmhouse – Sleeps 6 – $1300 / week
Weller’s Bay Retreat – Sleeps 6 – $2500 / week

For more properties near wine country click Prince Edward County Accommodations in Wellington.

* Rates are for weekly rental during high season (late June to early September).
Please email us to confirm quoted rates are current.

Wine Country

Located on the opposite side of Lake Ontario from the Niagara region, Prince Edward County has become famous for its limestone rich and well drained soil; idyllic for wine making. The majority of County wineries are in the west central region,  known as the Hillier region, where the Hillier Clay Loam soil formation is predominant

Lake Consecon

Weller’s Bay

Weller’s Bay is one of the last undeveloped sand spits on Lake Ontario. The bay has a long history of harbouring bird life.


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