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Culinary Escapes in Prince Edward County

Prince Edward County is a must if your choice in vacation destinations is based either on food or wine. The area offers an unmatched combination of locally produced food and wine along with a host of internationally qualified chefs to prepare it for you.  We assure you, the result is worth savouring.

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Art in Prince Edward County

Prince Edward County is a hot spot for artists who have chosen the area to escape the rush of cities like Toronto and Montreal. The area now hosts as a destination for a variety of artists whose chosen art forms include photography, painting, pottery, sculpting, quilting, glass blowing and print making to name but a few.

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Hitting the Trails in Prince Edward County

From Little Bluff to Point Traverse, the Millennium Trail to Sandbanks beaches, the County is a spectacular spot to get out of the car and take a hike!

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Prince Edward County in the News

Prince Edward County has been making the news and often. In large part this is due to the area’s recent discovery as a premier destination for wine and culinary tours. This however is not where the story starts or ends.

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Winter in Prince Edward County

Living in the County and working for Sandbanks Vacations & Tours I often come across the question: what is there to do in Prince Edward County in the winter? While there are a host of things one could do- such as cross county skiing, ice fishing, art, culinary or wine tours to mention a few- the scenery alone is enough of a reason to visit.

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