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Bob Whiteford

Bob Whiteford, Wine Tour Guide

Bob Whiteford, Wine & Specialty Tours

Originally from friendly Manitoba, Bob has lived in Ontario for 20 years, and moved from Belleville to PEC 8 years ago attracted by all the County has to offer.  He and his wife Isabelle enjoy canoeing, kayaking, bicycling, hiking and motorcycling…..all of which are easily accessible and enjoyable in the County!

Bob retired from the government in 2012 where he worked with commercial fisheries and learned a lot about the fishing and marine history of the County.  He and Isabelle now operate Magnolia Meadows B&B in Wellington, where they meet many interesting people and help them enjoy the best of the County.

To earn extra money to pay for a 3 week kayak trip in the  Arctic, Bob started driving buses in 1998 and has been driving  part-time ever since.  “Bus driving has always been an enjoyable experience for me and doing the wine tours has been especially fun!”  Bob has also been known to lead the occasional kayak tour.

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