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Sandbanks – Sheba’s Island

County Vacation Properties on Sheba’s Island

Bliss– Sleeps 10 – $3800 / week
Hejira – Sleeps 4 – $1050 / week
Sandbanks Lake House – Sleeps 8 – $3200 / week
Sandbreeze – Sleeps 4 – $1800 / week
Sheba’s Lake House – Sleeps 8 – $2500 / week
Sheba’s Sanctuary – Sleeps 8 – $2500 / week

Click Sandbanks, West Lake and East Lake for more Sandbanks area vacation properties within an easy 5-10 minute drive of the beaches.

* Rates are for weekly rental during high season (late June to early September). Please email us to confirm quoted rates are current.

About this area

Connected to the mainland by a short causeway, Sheba’s Island is not technically an island.  Approx  1.7 kilometers long and 250 metres wide, Sheba’s Island sports a mix of waterfront cottages overlooking sun drenched West Lake. Known for its spectacular sunsets, Sheba’s Island is the perfect spot for boaters, swimmers or those looking to be within a short drive of Sandbanks beaches.  Families with school-age children and teenagers are within walking distance of day camps at West Lake Wake Boarding or West Lake Willy’s Waterpark.  Take a longer stroll across the causeway to enjoy a drink on the patio at Isaiah Tubbs with views of the spectacular sand dunes of Dunes beach. It is 5 minutes by car to Dunes beach. 10 minutes to Bloomfield and 15 minutes to Picton.


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